Strength through Connection


I am focused on customizing experiences that help people better understand their relationships with themselves, others and Earth.


Customized workshops and services to create wellbeing in life and work.


I've helped clients in the conservation, education and business communities.
  • “Michelle was enthusiastic, engaging, inquisitive, and inspiring.”

    - Beyond #Responsible Recreation to Human-Nature Relationship workshop participant, July 2020


  • Published

    The Beauty of Needs

    At a recent training, I was prompted to reflect on the question, “What is the beauty of needs?” I am sharing my reflections with you in this blog and encourage you to answer the question for yourself.

    When I think of needs, I think that beauty is in the meeting.… read more →

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    Reflections on Inclusion

    Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

    Early in my journey to develop a series on inclusion, I was asked by a prominent figure what data would be collected to prove the effort successful. As a wildlife biologist and scientist, I appreciate data. While in the archery industry,…

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