Strength through Connection


I am focused on customizing experiences that help people better understand their relationships with themselves, others and Earth.


Customized workshops and services to create wellbeing in life and work.


I've helped clients in the conservation, education and business communities.

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  • “Michelle was enthusiastic, engaging, inquisitive, and inspiring.”

    - Beyond #Responsible Recreation to Human-Nature Relationship workshop participant, July 2020


  • Published

    Thriving Communities: Three Strategies to Combat Burnout in Conservation

    I aim to support conservation efforts without dwelling on burnout, a term that, though valid, is often overused. The burnout discourse tends to spotlight individuals rather than address systemic workplace issues. Recognizing the widespread experience of burnout, I advocate for a shift toward fostering thriving communities. Drawing from anecdotal research,… read more →

  • Published

    Embracing Reciprocity with Nature

    Recently, my reflections have centered on the powerful concept of reciprocity—defined as the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit. This principle holds profound significance, especially when considering our relationship with the Earth. It’s an acknowledgment that, as a society, we often take more from our environment than… read more →

  • Published

    Emotional Inclusion: Breaking Stigmas, Fostering Authenticity

    My partner Jyo and I are working on a program for early career professionals. During our early design conversations, emotional intelligence came up. The way I was taught about emotional intelligence felt too heady to me, and I mentioned that I think we should shift to talking about emotional inclusion.… read more →

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