About Us

Welcome to Anavah Consulting LLC

Welcome to Anavah Consulting LLC, where our mission is rooted in the belief that the future thrives on meaningful connections—with oneself, others, and the incredible tapestry of nature. We understand that a fulfilling life is cultivated through the exchange of gifts derived from these relationships.

At Anavah Consulting LLC, we strive for personal well-being and advocate for people-centric, sustainable workplaces that foster growth for individuals and communities, while nurturing the flourishing of Mother Nature. Our journey is driven by a desire to share the gifts derived from enriching human and earthly connections.

Guided by curiosity, humility, authenticity, connection, and empowerment, Anavah is the sweet spot where strength meets humility. We believe in the transformative power of learning, encouragement, and the courage to adapt, recognizing that change, though sometimes daunting, is the catalyst for growth.

If you’re ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, evolve as a group, or lead your company through essential adaptations, Anavah is your compass. We specialize in guiding individuals and organizations through their evolutionary processes.

Our founder, Michelle Doerr, describes Anavah as the nexus of strength and humility. With a background enriched by experience and a commitment to continuous learning, Michelle holds certificates in Executive Leadership from Cornell University, Advanced Adlerian Courses & Coaching from Adler Graduate School/Phoenix Process Consultants, and completion of prestigious programs like the National Conservation Leadership Institute (where she also served as coach and faculty), InnerMBA, and Advanced Ecotherapy from Pacifica Graduate Institute.

We invite you to explore the transformative power of Anavah. Our commitment to curiosity, humility, authenticity, connection, and empowerment fuels our passion for building deep and meaningful relationships—the backbone of any successful venture.

Ready to make your human and nature relationships matter? Connect with Michelle Doerr at michelle@anavahconsulting.com and let Anavah guide you toward the sweet spot where strength and humility converge. Your journey to growth and meaningful connections starts here.