About Us

Welcome to Anavah Consulting LLC

I believe our future depends upon relationships with people and our reciprocity with nature. Lives are lived more fully when we build great relationships with ourselves, other people and special places. We are nourished by earthly and human exchanges of gifts that result from these relationships. This company is a way to share mine. I desire personal wellbeing and workplaces that are people-centric and sustainable so that people and communities grow and Mother Nature flourishes.

Growth takes place through learning and encouragement as well as the courage to adapt. Change can be overwhelming and sometimes downright scary. I know because I have experienced plenty of change. If you are ready to face needed adaptation within yourself, your group or your company, but don’t know where to start, get in touch with me. I founded Anavah to serve as a compass that guides people through their evolutionary process.

I refer to Anavah as “the sweet spot between strength and humility” and my company’s guiding principles are:

Strength. Using inner courage to overcome challenges.

Curiosity. Listening closely and ask to seek understanding.

Humility. Learning comes through an equal exchange.

Authenticity. Being genuine and vulnerable accelerates results.

Connection. Building deep bonds creates energy.

Excellence. Aspiring to do good for others and the planet.

Inspiration. Encouraging others.

Relationships are the backbone of any successful venture. I want to help you make your human and nature relationships matter.

In addition to experience, I’ve obtained the following:

I am looking forward to hearing from you! Contact me at michelle@anavahconsulting.com. Michelle Doerr