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Background of a prairie at sunset with the words If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader by John Quincy AdamsI completed an assignment as a part of a current project that required us to ask people in our trusted circle this question; If you could extract one thing from me and plug it into your life to improve it, what would it be? I believe it gets to my leadership essence.

At first, it feels a little risky. What if no one responds? At its ideal, it might tell you things about yourself that you either take for granted or that you don’t give yourself credit for.

I reached out to a dozen people and only one person didn’t respond. These included a mix of partners, colleagues, and friends. I inserted the responses into ChatGPT and asked it to summarize my top strengths. The following is a summary.

Passionate Communication
Your ability to communicate fiercely with passion, both for driving positive change and embracing diversity in the workplace, stands out.

Quest for Improvement
You are seen as an inspiration to others, with a quest for improvement that motivates those around you to contribute positively to their respective universes.

Motivational Leadership
People admire your conviction for helping and motivating individuals to discover and embody the best version of themselves. Your vulnerability and willingness to show emotions provide comfort and support, creating a positive impact.

Adaptability and Experimentation
Your willingness to experiment and adapt, especially in your role as a consultant, is recognized. This includes having good observation, interpretation, and intervention skills to navigate diverse situations.

Brazenness and Resilience
Your brazenness and refusal to abandon your values in the face of adversity, patriarchy, and obstacles indicate a strong and resilient character.

Strategic Thinking and Problem-Solving
Your ability to bravely address challenges and problems, coupled with a strategic approach to your work, is appreciated. This includes the courage to take action for the greater good.

Forward-Thinking and Future Insight
People recognize your ability to anticipate future needs, particularly in areas such as spiritual/mental health connections and trauma-informed approaches.

Creative and Mindful Practices
Your engagement in nature art for creative and mindful practices reflects a talent for incorporating holistic and artistic elements into your life and work.

ChatGPT finalized the response with the following sentence which I love. These qualities collectively paint a picture of someone who is not only passionate and resilient but also inspiring, motivational, and strategic in approaching challenges.


Discovering that the qualities highlighted by others align with what I aspire to be remembered for in my eulogy is incredibly gratifying. It reinforces the effectiveness of the approach I took in crafting my leadership philosophy.

If you haven’t developed your leadership philosophy, I strongly recommend doing so. Feel free to reach out for assistance through my coaching sessions or inquire about my workshop tailored for groups of supervisors.

Remember, your philosophy should be personal, reflecting your values, strengths, and the attributes you wish to be associated with. This document is dynamic, evolving with your growth and insights.

Ask yourself what you would like your leadership essence to be?

Your Turn

Start by contemplating how you want others to perceive your leadership, draft your philosophy, and then seek feedback from friends and colleagues to ensure alignment with your beliefs.

Use the provided question or inquire directly about their perceptions. Utilize the summarized version or leverage ChatGPT’s capabilities for added clarity.

Finally, share your learnings with me – I’m here to support your leadership journey!

Written by Michelle Doerr with the help of AI for summary. 

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