My services revolve around two main themes: our relationships with Earth and our relationships with each other. When we embed ourselves in nature, we receive nature’s healing power and ability to turn away from self-defeating and earth-defeating habits. Nature provides us with physical and mental nourishment, and we must reciprocate by advocating for a healthy Earth and by consuming less.

When we take our authentic selves into the world where we live and work, and we help others do the same, stress decreases and workplaces come alive. I offer workshops to help you handle stress, deal with conflict, find your authentic self, and understand basic human behaviors. I have studied Adlerian psychology and, as an Adlerian, I believe in a holistic and socially-oriented approach to personal and professional well-being.

Experiential Workshops

All of my workshops and programs are experiential because I believe that to learn, you must be doing, reflecting and exchanging ideas with others. I offer workshops designed for the following audiences.

For companies to improve company culture and productivity: Topics can be customized based on your company’s needs and currently include facilitation, conflict resolution, stress management, emotional intelligence, and company wellness programs.

For therapists, social workers and teachers to value the outdoors for healing and mental well-being: Workshop topics include an introduction to ecopsychology and advanced topics such as ecowellness, ecoresilience, environmental identity, risk management and structuring outdoor experiences.

For outdoor professionals to deepen knowledge of the human/nature connection: Workshops include an introduction to ecowellness, understanding human behavior, and creating an ecowellness trail. All workshops in this area include creating land advocates.

For rural communities and agriculture to improve the well-being of our farm communities: Workshops revolve around the complexity of grief and loss in farming and promoting dialogue among farmers.

Please refer to my Workshops Page for detailed descriptions of my current workshop offerings. I can tailor workshops to your audience and needs.

Personal and Executive Coaching

See my Coaching Page

Building Better Meetings

With proper planning and leadership, meetings can result in equal participation and genuine buy-in, which ultimately saves your company time and money. When leading meetings or workshops, I ensure every voice is heard, guide the dialogue and focus on outcomes. If you need help planning and designing a meeting, including virtual meetings to be more engaging and focused on outcomes, I can help;  

  • Assess the problem to be solved and develop a clear meeting purpose.
  • Develop a meeting agenda for maximum efficiency and engagement.
  • Create activities to optimize participation, reduce conflict and build agreement.
  • Establish meeting outcomes and next steps.
  • Determine the feedback needed for continued progress.

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