Anavah Coaching Services


If you’ve ever thought

My fears are holding me back.
My life feels out of balance.
What is my purpose?
I wish I could better manage my stress.
How can I take my life or company to the next level?
I feel like an imposter!

Or you’ve wondered

How will I cope with my (divorce, job change, empty nest)?
How can I instill courage in my young children?
How can I be a better parent/friend/coworker/significant other?

Then I can help!

I have overcome many personal challenges and often say that I’ve lived a pretty great life. For instance, both children had challenges, so I had to learn unique ways to help them to independence. Those were hard times but I am grateful what we learned together has resulted in two young adults now successfully navigating their own lives after college. I learned much about overcoming during my career, but not nearly as much as I learned as a mother. Now I strive to help others live their lives fully and with gratitude and joy.

My goal as a coach is to help you become your most authentic self so you can share your gifts with the world. I also equip struggling parents and teens to thrive during challenging times.

I also obtained certificates in wellness coaching, executive leadership, advanced Adlerian Psychology, organizational development, trauma-informed leadership, polyvagal theory,  and advanced ecotherapy. 

Individual Coaching

I offer a complimentary 30-minute consultation to discuss your personal goal or struggle. After we decide to work together, we will discuss fees and payment, and you will complete an intake assessment and sign a policy document before our first session. Depending on your goal(s), you may complete additional assessments. We will keep our sessions efficient by establishing goals in advance. Typical sessions are 1.5 hours. I find that 1 hour just gets us started and 2 hours is a bit much. 

Group Coaching

I love working with groups because we can learn from each other. If you have a small group (4-10 people) interested in coaching, I am happy to discuss a series of workshops to meet your needs. Your group would be required to provide a quiet space to conduct our sessions. For additional ideas, or if you have a group of more than 10 people, visit my workshops page.

I have tools to help you:

● Get unstuck
● Manage stress
● Lead a change
● Resolve conflict
● Find your values
● Understand normal
● Determine your purpose
● Create a vision and strategy
● Develop a balanced life plan
● Calculate your emotional intelligence
● Guide your children to independence
● Uncover your essence and personality
● Expose and conquer your greatest fear
● And much more

Contact me at or send a message via LinkedIn.

Please note: Due to a high number of robocalls, I don’t provide my phone here.


“I felt drawn to being coached by Michelle after participating in several of her workshops – her approach, humility, desire to learn, sincerity, mission, and candor resonated!  Michelle offered me a compassionate space to integrate a substantial period of change and loss in my life.  I felt safe to show up authentically and be fully witnessed, which in turn fueled my courage to increasingly bring that presence to my workspace and colleagues.  She brings openness, curiosity, non-judgment, humility, candor, and even play to our sessions, and she deftly balances sharing her experiences with inviting me to source my own solutions and inner wisdom.  Her psychology and trauma-informed expertise, along with her background in natural resource conservation, make possible the trust, safety, and resonance I feel when working with her. ” K.O.

“Michelle helped me with my communication style in particular with females. As a successful alpha male baby boomer, my communication style tends to be one of a controlling provider who knew what was best. Her sessions showed me different verbal patterns that gave me the tools to engage in a more productive manner for trust building. I was unaware of my communication style and how it was a barrier to building healthy relationships based on equality.” Mark

“I was able to meet with Michelle about my volunteer and career goals in the conservation space. I was early in my work with organizations like MUCC and Artemis Sportswomen, working toward additional growth in conservation leadership. Her steadfast commitment to my wellness and growth has been invaluable. She assisted me through the process of applying to a state-level commission. She also helped me to hone my skills for resilience and self-care through challenging roles in conservation spaces.” J. D. 

“Michelle’s mentorship was transformative during a challenging career phase. Amidst a lack of support and career doubts, her guidance was indispensable. In an evolving field like wildlife management, Michelle offers valuable insights for navigating workplace challenges. The tools she imparted not only benefited my professional growth but also enhanced my personal development.” B.F.