I can help you prioritize your health, increase your emotional intelligence, and strengthen your resiliency so that you are freer and stronger to do the work that matters.


I can help your team learn and encourage new ways of working together for the good of the organization.


These workshops help you unite your personal well-being with planetary well-being.

Establishing Boundaries for Work-Life Balance

This workshop focuses on creating clear boundaries between work and personal life to improve well-being, reduce stress, and enhance work efficiency, covering barriers identification, personal values’ role, and fostering shared team values. 2 hours

Fostering Mindfulness and Compassion in Conservation

Discover the importance of integrating mindfulness and compassion into conservation efforts through an enlightening workshop that explores mindfulness, self-compassion, a real-life scenario, and finding balance in resource challenges.

Options: A single ½ day workshop or separate two hour workshops on Introduction to Mindfulness and/or Introduction to Compassion.

Harnessing the Power of Self-Talk

This workshop transforms your internal dialogue into productive responses by incorporating attentive listening, recognizing primal emotions, exploring shared feelings of inferiority and addressing triggers. 2 hours

Transforming Stressful Situations

This workshop offers techniques to transform your perspective on stress by helping you identify its sources, understand underlying fears, and address judgments, ultimately empowering you to take constructive actions. 2 hours

Discover Purpose

Embark on a transformative journey through thought-provoking inquiries, delving into passions, and confronting challenges to uncover genuine purpose within professional pursuits. 2 and 3-hour options

Leadership Influence and Philosophy

This workshop helps you understand your leadership influences, claim your beliefs about leadership, and begin to commit to how you will approach leadership in the future. This is a facilitated guiding session upon which to build your personal leadership philosophy. 4 hours

Exploring the Enneagram: A Journey into Personal Growth

Embark on a self-discovery journey using the Enneagram system to explore the nine types, their strengths, challenges, and how it enhances personal growth and relationships. 2 hours

Personal Goal Setting for a Balanced Life

Gain insights into the five Life Tasks, evaluate your life balance and wellness, create a plan to enhance strengths and address weaknesses, and draft a plan for personal growth. 2 hours

Cultivating Authentic Leadership from Within Workshop Series

The Cultivating Authentic Leadership from Within Workshop Series offers a comprehensive approach to nurturing genuine leadership by emphasizing capacity building as the foundation. Through a combination of self-reflection, embracing vulnerability, and harnessing unique talents, participants develop authentic identities, establish healthy boundaries, and cultivate a humanistic leadership philosophy. This program empowers individuals to lead themselves effectively, creating a ripple effect of transformation in others, and addresses the growing need for meaningful change in work dynamics by focusing on mastering the art of self-leadership. Contact us for more information.

The program spans nine experiential learning sessions, each lasting two hours, supplemented by three two-hour office hours. The timeline for completion ranges from six to twelve months, tailored to your individual pace.

Team Wellness in the Face of Uncertainty

This workshop empowers leaders to navigate ambiguity by balancing motivation and avoiding exhaustion, emphasizing the pivotal role managers play in promoting well-being, fostering teamwork, and recognizing stress factors to create a resilient and adaptable work environment. 4 hours.

Cooperative Language

This interactive workshop enhances communication skills through recognizing and utilizing cooperative language and encouragement, employing shared meaning, exploring assertive versus controlling language nuances, prioritizing inclusive listening, and distinguishing between resistant and non-resistant language. 2 hours

Addressing Conflict

This presentation offers a practical approach to addressing conflict by facilitating shared understanding, compromise, and effective resolution through the recognition of conflict forms, a conflict resolution framework, disentanglement from challenging situations, and drawing parallels with established conflict resolution models. 2 hours

Developmental Feedback: Empowering Growth and Learning

This workshop empowers participants to give and receive developmental feedback effectively by addressing the feedback fallacy, emphasizing self-reflection, and aligning personal growth with organizational goals and all for continuous learning and growth. 3.5 hours

Elevating Meetings through Planning, Closure, and Lasting Engagement

This workshop focuses on enhancing meetings by emphasizing the significance of thoughtful planning, impactful closure, and sustained engagement, offering practical strategies for effective agenda setting, time management, participant involvement, summarizing outcomes, and promoting commitment for increased follow-through. 3.5 hours

Coaching & Mentoring: In Development


Social Location & Relevancy in Conservation

This workshop explores how social location shapes identity and perspectives, impacting our understanding of diverse experiences in nature. Participants analyze their own social context, discussing power dynamics in conservation-related topics and practicing cultural humility. Goals include recognizing personal power in conservation, discussing relevance, practicing humility, and reflecting on belonging in the conservation community. The two-part series includes pre-work and two 3-hour sessions for deeper insights. 2, 3-hour sessions.

Cultivating Cultural Competence & Humility

This workshop focuses on developing cultural competence and humility to build meaningful connections with people from different backgrounds, emphasizing self-awareness and the importance of cultural humility in creating harmonious relationships and promoting an inclusive environment. 2 hours

Cultivating Wellbeing-Centric Capacity

This program delves into employee wellbeing, holistic empowerment, and thriving workplaces. Discover essential skills, deconstruct wellbeing, and embrace a future-oriented approach. Join us to shape wellbeing-centric leadership for a harmonious era of growth and collective success. 3.5 hours

Nurturing Trauma-informed Conservation Communities

This workshop focuses on cultivating trauma-informed conservation communities by addressing the collective traumas of climate crises, pandemics, and global instability, emphasizing the recognition of various forms of trauma,and providing regenerative practices to foster compassion, inclusivity, and well-being within wildlife organizations, led by co-facilitators Michelle Doerr, Bre Hiivala Cahoy and Christine Park. Six hour live or half-day virtual.

Inclusive Leadership: Creating Brave Spaces

Discover brave spaces in 3-part lab: Experience inclusive leadership through brave conversations, psychological safety, and collaboration. Learn to create and energize safe spaces, handle difficult conversations, and develop action plans for inclusive workplaces. 3, 3-hour sessions, led by co-facilitators Michelle Doerr and Jyo Maan.

Regenerative Leadership Primer

This workshop offers participants a holistic exploration of leadership grounded in Adlerian psychology and concepts from adaptive, systems, and regenerative leadership, as well as trauma awareness, aiming to cultivate a leadership ecosystem that prioritizes wellbeing, emotional intelligence, inclusivity, and growth mindset at all levels of an organization. 4 hours, led by co-facilitators Michelle Doerr, Bre Hiivala Cahoy and Jyo Maan

Unleashing the Power of Inclusion

This is a transformative series on inclusion: hands-on learning for fostering belonging and driving change. Explore diversity and biodiversity parallels, self-awareness, and actionable strategies. Four 2-hour sessions online or 2 – ½ days live, co-facilitated by Michelle Doerr and Jyo Maan.

Required reading: “Inclusify: The Power of Uniqueness and Belonging to Build Innovative Teams” authored by Stephanie K. Johnson, PhD.

Human Nature Connection: Building Ecowellness, Stewardship and Inclusion

Explore the Human Nature Connection in a 4-part workshop series. Embrace diverse relationships with nature, delve into ecowellness, and promote stewardship. Reflect on environmental identity and engage through discussions on the nature relationship spectrum. Transition from tourists to nature advocates. Pre-homework, identity assignments, and agency integration. 4, 2-hour sessions with optional live feedback sessions after each session

Environmental Identity

Explore the formation and significance of environmental identities, employing a story exchange based on personal environmental identity projects to uncover commonalities and disparities, and fostering a deeper connection with nature, while also serving as a tool to identify potential gaps in environmental identities within teams or organizations for future collaborations, all within a 3–4-hour workshop that integrates art, storytelling, and self-reflection.

 Embracing Nature in Daily Living

Explore the vital role of nature in our daily lives, regardless of our environment, learn simple ways to reap its benefits indoors, and understand how our interaction with nature enhances personal well-being and planetary health through the concept of the Outdoor Life Task. 2 hours

Ecowellness Exploration

Explore ecowellness by delving into seven facets that enhance personal vitality while nurturing planetary health, fostering a harmonious connection between self and nature. 2 hours

Ecoresilience: Hope through planetary struggle

Description: Feeling a sense of hopelessness or helplessness when it comes to climate change, endangered species and the status of land, water, and air? We will normalize the mental and emotional struggle but more importantly talk about ways to prevent that hopeless feeling from overwhelming you. I will present two models of eco-resilience and provide resources for further exploration in community with others.

Join us as we foster an atmosphere of understanding and support. The workshop will introduce two powerful models of eco-resilience that can serve as beacons of hope amidst adversity. Your journey towards a more eco-resilient future begins here. 2 hours

Acknowledging Ecogrief and Developing Resilience

This workshop addresses the emotional impact of ecological loss on conservation professionals and their communities, offering tools to navigate ecological grief, foster eco-resilience, and promote both self-care and effective action, while providing a support network and resilience resources. ½ day with co-facilitators Jimmy Fox and Tom Kalous.

EcoTherapy Ethics: Ethics and Responsibilities in Outdoor Therapy

This workshop explores the integration of nature in counseling, emphasizing environmental and ethical responsibilities, including physical safety, inclusivity, competency, and ethical considerations for outdoor therapy. 2.5 hours, co-facilitated by Bre Hiivala Cahoy and Michelle Doerr

On Becoming Climate-Aware Counselors

This workshop addresses the imperative for counselors to understand and address climate-related mental health challenges, introduction them to tools that support clients experiencing climate trauma, eco-anxiety, and ecological grief. 1 hour introduction. co-facilitated by Bre Hiivala Cahoy and Michelle Doerr

Encouragement, Hope & Resilience in the Midst of a Climate Crisis

This workshop explores the impact of climate change on mental well-being, focusing on eco-anxiety and eco-grief. It delves into emotional responses like grief, anxiety, and trauma due to ecological shifts, while promoting normalizing and channeling these emotions into positive actions. Participants will learn key terms, emotional reactions, research insights, and self-care strategies, fostering both understanding and activism. 2.5 hours, co-facilitated by Bre Hiivala Cahoy and Michelle Doerr

Introduction to Ecopsychology

This ecopsychology workshop introduces participants to the interconnection between personal well-being and the health of the planet, identifying core principles, assessing personal ecological beliefs, understanding others’ ecological perspectives and applying nature-based interventions. 3 hours

Workshop Expectations: Read a recent blog here.