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    Workshop Expectations and Learning

    Workshop expectations for participants read more →
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    Successful workplaces want you to give a f***

    Emotions affect how humans operate and inspire every action. Using specific examples, this post will unpack why withholding emotions could be holding progress back. read more →
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    Closing a Meeting with Energy and Commitment

    When leaders aren't closing a meeting by reviewing accomplishments, addressing feelings and committing to next actions, meetings don't succeed. read more →
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    Leading Meetings: A Plan for Success

    Please, not another meeting! Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

    “Wasted time”, “Redundant”, “Nothing is accomplished” and “No clear purpose;” these phrases appeared on sticky notes after I’d asked participants to post a meeting complaint. The question was asked as a part of a facilitation training I conducted…

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    Stress and Success: A Conflict Primer

    Prior to acting on a conflict, understand the basics of conflict and stress. Here are three pre-requisites to approaching conflict and why good facilitation of conflict matters. read more →
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    Better meetings ahead

    Well-planned and well-facilitated meetings give energy and clarity. My most successful meetings have been where I’ve spent nearly as much time in planning as in the meeting itself. Positive meeting outcomes are achieved because of preparation and maintaining meeting tempo. read more →